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Adding aftermarket headunit to 2013 SHO

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New here. Been a member of TCCA for quite some time but I am more than likely getting a 2013 SHO. I test drove it and loved every aspect of it EXCEPT the sony audio and My Ford Touch. My current 08 taurus has a custom sound quality oriented build with basically the same amount of speakers as the SHO, but it has an aftermarket nav unit and all the other fun stuff. I am selling that car but keeping all of the sound stuff. My question, is it at all possible to remove the factory audio and replace it with something like one of those dash kits you can get online or am I stuck with it. If I am stuck with it, am I able to somehow undo just the sony part of the dash and leave the screen be and fabricate something to hold the aftermarket double din alpine I have? Can I remove the screen but leave the sony part alone? My main issue is the climate controls. If they were as simple as the 08 I have where it is separate I would easily know what to do. I do not want a line converter if I can help it. My alpine blows the doors off of the factory unit. I can't imagine it is not impossible. I am very good with car wiring, and can do all kinds of stuff to make things work, but this kind of setup even has me scratching my head. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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I have not seen a dash kit for the 2013+ Taurus. You are stuck with the factory unit.  There are integration peices to bypass the Sony amp from PAC and RF. I’ve used both and prefer the PAC. The RF has a built in entry level DSP but is buggy and had major noise issues the PAC isn’t dead quiet but I have an SQ build and keep the gains low and it’s quiet enough and just sounds better. 

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Ok so after having the new SHO for about a week now (love the car) I have replaced all the speakers and sound deadened all the doors and the rear deck. As far as putting in an aftermarket unit, it looks like I can get rid of the bottom Sony controls without losing functionality of the heat controls. Losing the audio controls will not matter as I wont be using it anyways. I am going to look into seeing what I can replace the controls with. Either cut a piece of ABS plastic that looks like carbon fiber (can find those sheets on amazon) to the right shape and cut a double din hole in it or figure something else out. My goal now after seeing how its all together, is to simply unplug the speaker output of the Sony amp and leave everything else alone. Basically have 2 screens in the dash. I will write back once I get more stuff together.

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