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Looking for a new forum to hang out,and hopefully find a decent ecoboost engine builder ..


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We I’ve spent way too much on my 2014 F-150, like many of us , lol..ONLY it’s low miles about 24k helps keep me interested in building it, plus the fact I’m a DVET I’ve got little else to do with my time AND ITS A PURPOSE BUILT TRUCK BUILT AROUND MY DISABILITY,AND LOVE OF SPEED......I almost spent most of $$$ my savings to build a forged 3.5 motor with RMB MOTORSWORKS, BUT SEEING THE GARAGE IN THE BACK YARD, AND THE HUGE AMOUNT OF BLOWN MOTORS, AND TAKING FROM A YR TO TWO YRS TO GET YOUR MOTOR AND THEN IT BLOWS UP, Including Kenny bell’s motor I got scared, (not there’s anything wrong with starting ur own shop, I did it too) infact I’m scared to do it anywhere almost today.. ..I’m a 3x’s master tech ,Cars,trucks,buses,& 2x’s Advanced diagnostics, plus all the dealer awards,and aftermarket classes blah blah blah, lol...... I taught electronics,engine building ,AC, at the local Tech school, and electronics later at the University of Texas.now .being wheelchair bound it didn’t prevent teaching, but I got sick..one thing it has prevented is building my own toys,and cars for others or working in a shop , I always get turned away..

any decent tech knows how hard it is to trust and allow someone else you’ve never worked with to work on your own stuff..I’ve allowed others to help me and many times it’s ended in what I’d call either a cluster fu#@ or just simply poorly trained techs in over their heads, in a shop owned by someone who can tune, but has no other skills,and couldn’t over see his shop if there’s a major issue.., my truck almost burnt down,at a Houston shop, after I told them how to wire it correctly (simple snow meth kit) and they choose to take the easy & wrongful way to install it, heck even a Xbox battery,ie back wards would over heat..

they are now out of business..anyway ,I’m hoping to join a. Community of individuals with decent knowledge and experience with shops who have built motors for them and they continue to run without issue, I’d love to have a 650-750hp 3.5 ecoboost gen1 with a gen2 block..

im not looking for a wild none stock turbo location motor , CRP makes a great stock location turbo which will make 800hp stage 5…

anyway I’m happy and glad I found this forum and look forward to some friendly open honest , educational ,and fun debates,where we all benefit from everyone’s experience and knowledge, with some insights from vendors ..


 Here because I’m tired of being on ecoboost.net where they protect shops who pay to advertise when they should be allowing the Community to openly air real grievances, and allow a good shop if there’s ever a true issue to respond correctly and fix the failure as any good shop should..I’ve never seen a good shop or a tech who had either made a mistake,had a parts failure not cause by them, or  come across a failure which wasn’t their fault  and hopefully they honored their warranty allowing the customer the choice to repair the failure under warranty,or allow the shop to repair the failure at the customers cost when it’s not the shops fault or not under warranty…as long as it’s repaired correctly is all that should matter to the customer in the end..

sorry if I went on a little bit much, but it hasn’t been a great week..

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