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Do NOT use a Livernois Motorsports Tune

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Dear Fellow EcoBoost Owners,

Sadly, my experience with Livernois has been outright terrible. I tuned my 2018 Raptor with less than 15,000 miles on it with the Livernois High Performance Tune (with the MyCalibrator device). After LESS than 1,000 miles my exhaust stats blowing grey smoke. What is it? A completely destroyed turbo, oil leakage throughout the engine and destroyed pistons & cylinders. All of this due to the excessive pressure and strain from the Livernois Motorsports Tune.

Please save yourself a lot of money, time, and regret and DON'T buy their tune. Go somewhere else, their customer service team has just stopped replying and has not owned up to any responsibility. My truck was flawless and had just had everything revised prior to the tune. 

I hope this saves someone else from the damages I have to pay for.

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