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Coolant cap blow off

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So I'm posting today to ask for opinions regarding an odd occurrence that has ended in the engine high temp warning sounding. The began early in the day with a traction control fault, which has happened twice prior. The fault always clears with a restart and it did today too.  Although the fault cleared per the dash warning the engine light came on and stayed on for the remainder of the day. I was planning on heading to the autoparts store to have the code read tomorrow. After a few stops during my workday I headed home. I was about 50 miles from home mostly highway.  The last 20 minutes of the trip was heavy slow moving and standing traffic. About half way into it I noticed a slight bit of steam coming from the hood/windshield cowl. It continued until I arrived home. Upon opening the hood I noticed the coolant fill cap was off and laying in the engine bay. Weird to say the least. It would of had to unscrew itself prior to being blown off. I put the cap back on which allowed the dash engine light to clear, however after running for a minute the temp increased until the over temp alarm sounded. I shut it down at that point. Upon further inspection the coolant reservoir was empty and who knows how much coolant was left in the system. I'll add water tomorrow to fill it and hopefully it won't over temp. I just had the system flushed and filled by Ford about 2 months ago and maybe 1500 miles since. Any thoughts on the cause? I hope it's not a water pump failure.  I guess I'll know tomorrow after the fill. The Explorer is a 2017 with 68k on the clock. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.  I'll post again tomorrow.

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