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Turbo recirculation valve operation

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Could any body please help with the way the Recirculation valve on bottom of turbo works.

I am ready to put my rebuilt turbo on after main shaft snapped and dumped a good amount of oil in intercooler and have tested valve with a vacuum pump and it holds a good vacuum. I am interested if the valve is actually triggered by the pipe entering the valve by pulling a vacuum and does the pipe have some sort of check valve inline like the one between the vacuum pump and solenoid.

I have attached the vacuum pump to the pipe that goes into the recirc valve but it does not hold vacuum, I have only seen one video where someone did this and it held vacuum and rightly or wrongly I seem to remember when I first had trouble with turbo I took pipe off and it held vacuum.

I have disconnected pipe and I can blow and suck so if it has a valve I guess it's not working or the valve (if there is one) , might be in the body where the other end of the pipe connects.

If someone has an explanation how it operates and can point me in the right direction I can decide on my next move.

Thanks in advance.

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