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Looking for a little more info on MAP Sensors.


First, are the 2 that we have (1st is in the intake pipe just before the throttle body and the 2nd one on top of the intake manifold) the same sensor but just read different data? Both of mine are nearly the same part number with the last two letters being different on the sensor itself. I know that the dealership had replaced one before, I'm just wanting to make sure I have the correct sensors in place.


Second, after my turbo leak issue where I had a lot of oil running through the intake and covering everything, the MAP sensor on top of the manifold looks like it's permanently stained brown. Take a look at the image and you will see both of my sensors side-by-side. It's a little blurry but you can definitely tell that one looks white and the other brownish. I have cleaned them several times with MAP Sensor Cleaner. Is it normal for the one to be brown? I'm still getting a little bit of jittery acceleration and I think my MAP sensor may be bad from all the oil but am looking for a little insight from a few of you guys who know more about them.






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The MCT sensor in the intake tube is a 3 bar sensor. The MAPv sensor in the top of the intake is a 2 bar sensor. The 3 bar MAPv sensor I have in the top of the intake is identical in number to the MCT sensor. I purchased this sensor for around $110. from Torrie.


(I also purchased the 2 bar sensor I have from Torrie, as I broke the original by slamming the hood on it.... same price)



To get higher boost above 14.7 via a tune, you need to go with a 3 bar sensor. I can look at my 2 bar MAPv sensor ( in a box in console) to see if the sensor tip is red/brown.

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I checked out the numbers on my sensors.


My 3 bar sensors have the same part # AA5A-9F 479-AB Made in Germany


The original 2 bar MAPv sensor #2R3A 9F 479 AA Looks different from the others and it has a red/brown end and a blue "O" ring seal. It originally was in the top of the intake.


The 2 bar MAPv sensor I purchased from Torrie as a replacement is #AA5A-9F 479-CA It has a white tip and an orange "O" ring seal and is made in Germany. Goes in the top of the intake when I run 2 Bar tunes.


Hope this helps,



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I pulled the numbers off of my sensors.


MCT Sensor -



5WK9 6848

Current Condition: Clean White Tip


MAPv Sensor -



5WK9 68(48) *48 is covered up with a blotch of paint and that is what it looks like through the paint.

Current Condition: Brownish Tip


I know one of these was replaced by the dealer and based on my part# and your part# it was the MAPv.


I'm thinking that because everything was coated with oil from my turbo leak that at least one of these has to be bad, but when I looked at the part numbers I thought that maybe that when 1 was replaced it was replaced with the wrong one. So now that I know I have the correct part#'s installed I'm going to dig further on seeing if one of these is bad. I'll have my MyCal device soon and will do some data logging.

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Hard to say if the tip color was changed by oil. I know my original tip on MCT sensor is dk red ( the cage is what broke off... when I slammed it with the hood.)


I can take pix if you want. The 2 Bar New MCT sensor was in for about 3,500 mi on trip to IA for Christmas so is very low mile. My guess is that Ford changed suppliers on this part, as you and I have the same, and must have been the replacement.


If your engine is running good, I doubt that the sensors are not working. Oil might slow down their readings or modify them, but if they weren't working, I think you would get a check engine light.

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My theory is that a coat of oil got on the MAPv sensor and with that one sitting on top of the manifold and gets a lot hotter I'm thinking that a thin coat of oil baked onto the sensor and is not allowing it to read properly which results in some jittery acceleration as well as kicks down my RPMS's about 50-100 RPMS's during mid gear acceleration. Doesn't happen all the time but it happens frequently. Issue is more prevalent on light to moderate accelerations, not so much on WOT accelerations.

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