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SouthEast test n tune


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Finally made a trip to the track in Gainesville, FL. Wednesday night test and tune is conveniently inconvenient for me. 2 hour travel to run for 2 hours in order to make a 2 hour trip home. Luckily Wed nights yield minimal drivers. Anyhow, my buddy finally finished his TT Camaro and needed some data for tweaking. So he trailered the car, his wife brought the family in the G8 GT and our friend trailed along in his Mercedes CLK500. My car was prepped in it's normal daily driven (35,550 miles) by the wife and full family capacity, complete with 2 car seats, 2 strollers, full spare, trash, bottles, diapers, trash, makeup, receipts, trash....etc. It is the PP, an unfortunate circumstance allowed us to keep the damaged wheel for spare. So here are the results at estimated 90-84*F with 60-80% humidity (it thought about raining on us, cooler later in night, but humidity climbed)














Weird how performance worsened. What do you guys think? I should have data logged...


edit: stock 20s with Hankook Ventus V12. Car all stock (air filter, exhaust, etc) except on Torrie's Tune.

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First, your 60's are not bad, and very consistent. As for why your times got slightly worse until last run, likely had to do with humidity, and the high overall temps. If the temp had been 60 instead of in the 80's you likely would have been as much as .3-.5 better. If you data log, send them to Torrie, and he can tell you much more than just your times.


You show T/C on and off... Was it completely off, or did you just push button once? Personally, at first, my best times including my 60's were with T/C on, as it is not as punitive a system as in the G8's.

What did you power brake too in terms of RPM at the tree. Most of us find the sweet spot at 1,500 and above, depending on how well your tires hook up after initial spinning.

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Power braking at stand still, I experienced, is hard. I managed to not get a red light, as that was the goal, rather than watching RPM. I estimated RPM to be around 1800-2200, brakes starting to let go. I got that initial spin and grab of the AWD, with the shimmy of the steering and chirp of second. Been practicing at red lights to ensure I don't rip the front end off the car. Traction control off, one press...I forgot that if you hold it, it goes completely off, right?

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Since I have a Flex, we can't completely get rid of T/C... Next time try other RPM starts, from 1,200 up, if you get a chance at more runs. It sucks when you only get a couple runs or less an hr. That's why it's fun to do test and tune in Cedar Falls IA, where at the end of the night, sometimes you can just make pass after pass. Surprisingly, the engine cools down better in those conditions, though it has to be hard on the Tranny.


Practice... practice... practice... and it will become easy!. Where did you drive 2 hrs from? I have the same problem when I go to Bradenton..... I take the back roads from Naples and get there in 2 hrs. I-75 takes about the same time, but is about 30 mi further.

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Yeah brakes don't hold this beast back. I used to race often about 7-8 yrs ago with my fox body when I was stationed in Hawaii. Now I live in southeast GA, saint marys. So I have to get used to light drops and get better r/t. We could have run more passes but we took turns 2 by 2 that way someone was watching all the kids. I bought this car new off show floor and all this time forgot about advance trac off...dang

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