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Tunes + High Altitude?


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I'm not sure how many high-altitude guys are lurking this site running tunes, but it might be good to gather some real-world info from high altitude users.


Is anyone running LMS or Torrie tunes at high altitude (or any other tunes for that matter?)? If so, are you seeing similar results as everyone else, or have you felt that there needed to be adjustments for altitude? What tune and how many miles have you been running?


I will come back and add any related info that I can find as well.

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I got my car back from the dealer today and will be running my stg 3 lms tune this weekend at Ford fest. Will let you know how the tune does. My buddy has the stg3 tune in his 2011 and has run a 13.6 at 100mph here in Colorado. He also gets better mpg with his tune then me being stock.

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