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Battery been acting up. Very sluggish getting to crank up but does the job and the car runs fine until it needs to be started again. While I went to work, dad cleaned up the terminals. Positive was good but negative was real bad. Further investigation I found stress cracks in the upper plastic coming from the negative post. It was leaking fluid out apparently. Looking harder I noticed the post area appears to be sunken in as if something was set on it and hood slammed shut. But the underhood material shows no evidence. Something must be so deteriorated inside the battery that is has either warped or sucked the negative down. Checked "water levels". I must have added 300ml to negative ports and maybe 100ml.


Any ideas? Yes, buy new battery.


Will try to get pictures up...

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Just my opinion is motorcraft batteries are very poor quality. On my wife's 2 year escape the top of battery look it had been a car for 10yrs all the posts corroded and hold down strap nearly ate in two. Even on my 2011 taurus I have been fighting off corrosion around the terminals. And I have never had any issue with corrosion of the battery on any other car I've own.

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