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MyCal Tuning Device for EcoBoost Vehicles

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The new MyCal device by AIW currently works for SHO, Flex, MKS, & MKT and will eventually (very soon) work for the F150.


The MyCal touch-screen offers 480x272 resolution and 24-bit color. It has six built-in themes: Classic, Sport, Neon, Sport 2, Metal, and Night. Don’t see a built-in theme you like? Create your own using the MyCal skin editor. Tired of your current theme? Switch it out anytime.





  • Gauges (What gauges do you want to see today? The MyCal gauges are totally customizable. Want to view the relationship of 2 or 3 parameters; put them together on 1 screen. Want to see 24 at once? MyCal can do that too. Pick a theme to match your vehicle or even your own personality. Like dial gauges or digital gauges better? Or maybe graphing is more your style? It’s all up to you.)
  • Datalogging
  • Drag Strip Testing Mode
  • Horsepower and Torque Dyno Mode
  • Acceleration Test
  • Braking Test
  • Lap Timer
  • Easy File Storage/Transferring via SD Card



Pricing for the device and our custom tune files is $899.99 + shipping.




  • Add the navigation module which includes turn-by-turn mapping, voice guidance, 2-D/3-D views, the latest maps, and more for $199
  • Have more than one vehicle? Purchase another license for the same MyCal device for $199




The device itself can be seen in the top right corner of flyer I created below.






Rick LeBlanc

Livernois Motorsports

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If I understand correctly' date=' this replaces the SCT 3000 tuner, Livelink logging software, wide band logging data, a DashHawk and much more... Or.... am I missing something..??? Also... How big is the screen?[/quote']




That is correct, it's pretty awesome! I have one here I've been playing with and it's definitely cool.


The unit itself is 4-3/4" W x 2-3/4" H. The screen is 3-3/4" W X 2-1/4" H.



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Sounds like it's about the size of a Garmin GPS. Assume it uses different software than the SCT tuner' date=' or can those tunes be transferred directly to it?[/quote']


I'd say that's a pretty accurate comparison in size.


We can convert our SCT files to the correct format for this device, but you cannot load an SCT .cef file directly to it.


Also, if I understood correctly, if we purchase a license for a GM vehicle it can tune both the Ford and a GM vehicle.


We sell the SCT and our custom tunes for $499.99, so you basically get the other options dyno, 1/4 mile, datalogger, and gauges for $400. It does basically the same as all the devices Bob listed.



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Looks sweet!! I'll test it out thoroughly for you when i can get my grubby paws on one!


I think you'll enjoy all the features. I tried it on our EcoBoost Flex which currently has the stock tune loaded and the 0-60 time we got was about .1 different than most advertised times, so it seems pretty close. We need to try it at the track to see how close the other simulators are.



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I've had a few days to actually "play" with this thing and it's awesome!


For anyone that currently has an SCT device and our tune, we would be willing to offer a discount towards the purchase of a MyCal device. PM me here or email rleblanc@livernoismotorsports.com for details!




Thank you,



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