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DC Power high amperage alternator

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I don't know if anyone is building a big system in a SHO besides me. But if you are you will be interested to know that DC Power Inc. is offering 3 different replacement alternators for the ecoboost engine now. I run two of their 270 amp XP series on my 'burban and cannot send them enough praise. I'm ordering mine next week im again going to get th XP270 amp for the wifey's SHO. If you order tell them Sean from Mobile Sound Systems in Arlington Texas sent you and they should hook you up.

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i have 2 1200 watt amps, on the original battery and was told this is no problem, so im sorry your getting one amp and whats the power and you were told or deciding to jump or add on a larger alternator? sorry please fill me in so i can try to better follow you on this and maybe help u or u can help me out, thanks



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actually i have 4 amps total (2) boston gt2300 and (2) boston gt4100 running a total of 2800 real watts with a total of up to 360 amps of current draw. i will get all the info and pics up later im really busy now. by the way im a certified installer with 18 years of prof experience


I just came across this by chance when searching for high output alternator for my install--get those pics and some details on what you did posted, please!


I noticed the police interceptor package uses a high output alternator--think it was 220 amp if recall correctly--another option for the upgrade?


Does anybody know how much "headroom" the stock alternator has? I'm guessing not near enough for much of an amp upgrade...


Does Ford use the same alternator for all option packages on the SHO's?

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