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First Pass in the SHO


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Went to the local drag strip yesterday for my former car club's private rental, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results. Temperatures throughout the rental were in the 75-85 degree range, with very high humidity.


My best run of the day was:


R/T: .005

60': 2.096

330': 5.838

1/8: 8.959

MPH: 78.7

1000': 11.638

1/4: 13.871

MPH: 102.20


I made 8 runs through the day, in pairs of two, then let it sit and cool a bit. All of my runs were in the 13.8-13.9 range, with one run around 14.0 launching from idle. I was surprised how undramatic the car was, and how good it pulls up top. Yesterday confirms my thoughts that these things would definitely benefit from a higher stall converter.

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The problem with adding a higher stall is the torque limitations of the rear section of the AWD system. It can only handle about 150 hp or 150 ft. lbs of torque. Also, you can power brake this package to over 2,000 RPM with ease, at least when having installed a tune. For those of us who have achieved over 400 ft. lbs of torque, the issue is how to get all that power to the pavement, using the primarily the front tires. A stall would just make that worse. The best way for me was to run Drag Radials on the front.


Not sure if you lowered your tire pressures at all, but if you do, and power brake to the 1,800 range (depends on your tires and power levels) you should be getting 60's in the mid to low 1.9's That alone will get you in the 13.5 range and a couple more mph.


Good Luck!

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No mods, non-PP, all stock down the Eagle RS-A's from the factory. Also just like I drove it off the street, spare and 12" sub box still in the trunk and all.


EBB - Makes sense, what you say about the rear diff. I was bringing the rpm's up with each launch, not sure what rpm but I'd say at least 1500...didn't have much time after getting staged before they'd bring the lights down. What sort of tire pressure are you talking about lowering it to? That makes sense too, essentially adding gearing. I may try to go back to the track some time this fall when cooler air hits. Hopefully by next spring, the mods will start to accumulate.

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