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Front end clunk, all my fault!

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Front end clunk, bad developed over the last couple days. Me being old school I think "must grease ball joint" of course ours do not have grease zercs so I stick her with a needle, give a couple pumps, and put "seal all" over the hole.


After that it clunks is worse then ever... I take it to the stealership and they find the plastic bushing on the sway bar end link is worn out. I know the service manager so I told him I installed eibachs a couple months back. He said I probably didnt have the top nut torqued correctly, leading to the failure.


Sway bar end links very important! Make big clunk when bad!

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Why didnt you say so before? :) I ran into this same old school trouble shooting before on my 09 F150. Battery went dead and I went charging in there stating it had a dead short. The same service manager calmly explained to me in detail how the modern electronics power down in sequence, thus showing some battery draw.


I told them I would install myself, just added to my weekend list. Livernois sent me everything for the meth & 3 bar map except the Alky stuff. Guess they are running behind because of Isaac... Alky is direct shipping to me so hopefully it and the link show up tomorrow so I can get everything done over the weekend.

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