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Livernois Motorsports 2013 SHO, MKS, Flex Tuner Now Shipping!

Livernois Motorsports

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We're happy to say that after testing internally and with several people externally, we're ready to release our 2013 tuners.


Livernois Motorsports is currently the only company able to tune your 2013 Taurus SHO, Flex, or MKS. Our custom tune is by far the biggest bang for the buck mod for these vehicles. Our 2013 SHO was baselined at Milan Dragway in 70 degree heat and ran 14.3 @ 96 mph. A few weeks later, with only our custom tune and no other modifications, the car ran 13.4 @ 103 mph in 102 degree heat.


Click to order yours today!


See the dyno video below




Thank you




Rick LeBlanc

Livernois Motorsports

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If I order the tuner for my 2013 SHO, does it come with both 91 and 93 octane tunes? I see on your web site that I need to choose between them... I have access to 94 in my area but I have to go couple times per year for work where 91 octane is the best gas available.


Modifying a brand new car :moony:

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