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I have a question, has anyone looked into a Heat Soak Reduction Kit for the SHO?!?! I has one on my Trailblazer SS and it worked great.. I know that when the MAF starts to get heat soaked, it can read up to 50 degrees hotter than the actual air being injested into the engine. The timing is being pulled due to false temperature readings which not only slows the car down, but can also cause a slight decrease in fuel economy. Couple this with the fact that all OEM Ford sensors react pretty slowly to temperature changes. Wondering if Rick or Torrie could put together a kit that is plug and play with all OEM quality componets that just has a faster responding temperature sensor.. This would make our vehicles faster due to the timing retard being pulled from false readings, Such as in the staging lanes at the drag strip where a normal IAT sensor may just start to measure a change by the end of the quarter mile. Just a thought!!!!! :RpS_biggrin:

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This is not as big an issue with SHO or EB Engines. The key to the Ignition retard is the MCT (Manifold Charge Temp) which is read just in front of the Throttle body, and after the intercooler. YES.. the IAT temp helps, but the critical temp is the temp of air entering the intake. That's why you are spraying methanol... to cool that charge temp....

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