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Car and Driver revisits the 2013 SHO


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"+ Power, serene interior and little ...regard for Sir Isaac Newton

- Heft, torque steer, lame throttle response"


October 2012 issue.


It does mention brake, steering and cooling improvements and finishes the article with, "...it is-as measured by the pound--about the most bull for the buck."


I swear if it ain't German (BMW specifically) CD doesn't have much regard for other performance cars.

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"- Heft, torque steer, lame throttle response"




Sorry, but it's the truth.


~At over 2 tons, a SHO is quite hefty.

~Even with AWD, the tourque steer is pretty bad. My 300hp AWD Audi and Volvo had zero signs of tourque steer.

~The throttle response tends to be on or off.


I still love the car. I learned years ago. You have to judge a car by what you think, and what your requirements are. Start with reviews, but in the end, you have to formulate your own opinions.

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