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Mini meet at Gilmore auto museum MI 9-8-12


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First off I arrived almost an hour after I said I would, didnt realize I would be crossing a time zone :doh: After I instantly lost an hour and realized it I put the hammer down :flame: but couldnt make up the time.


tss was there and had already gone in with his son. He spotted me right away though as I was probably the only person in Michigan wearing a University of Illinois shirt. tss and his son were great! I think he has already doomed his son to a life of cars, I think the kid knew more then I did about most of the cars.


There were only the two of us but I had a great time. If you havent been the museum is really nice, and they do a great job with it. It has everything from rare 1900's cars you have never heard of to a modern GT500. They are finishing up a dedicated Ford building and have a Cadillac building coming.


Here is tss's MKS. Looks like it just rolled off the showroom.





Here they are together.






Here is a 1st gen that was there the whole time, maybe somebody that works there.



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Here is what I missed at home. There is always something going on when you have 1 kid, cant imagine how people deal with 2, 3, 4+ This is my son rounding the corner in a bigwheel race, he finished in 2nd. This was for the kickoff of a week long "Pumpkin Festival" (I live in the pumpkin capital of the world...)


They also do a soap box derby which I have already put on next years to do list.



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Had a really good time. Nice to get to know a fellow Ecoboost owner and Paul was also kind enough to take my son and I on a little ride so we could experience LMS 4+ with spray. Quite an impressive ride! Definitely a difference over my LMS 4+ without spray.


Thanks again for taking the trip Paul!

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I'm really sorry I missed. I hope either of you fellas don't become discourage in planning future meet ups. But some times things don't go as we had hoped, as in my kitchen remodel time frame. Still being worked on as I type this. But when the guy showed up to deliver the counter and the rest the materials didn't have all the materials on the truck and want to paid for, I said not until I have them all would I cut a check. That got them jumping. It will be done today!

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