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Does anyone have a compilation of what some of the readings should be for some of the more important sensors? It would be nice to have a list of "what's normal" in terms of things like Coolant Temp Range, Transmission Temp Range, RPMS's at idle, Max Boost w/ Stock Tune, etc., etc., etc.


Anyone willing to help come up with such a list? Maybe we can all come up with some things to monitor and then monitor them at idle and take an average, then again at like 50 MPH, 60MPH, 70MPH and develop a baseline of what readings should be under those circumstances and possibly help people who are troubleshooting to compare against?

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I went out for a drive and got my car nice and warm. I pulled thru Sonic drive-thru to get a nice big Dr. Pepper. While waiting in line I took some temp readings and here's what I got.


At idle:

Engine Coolant: 186°F - 190°F

Transmission Temp: 191°F - 195°F


Outside temp was about 78°F at the time. The car was in D (drive) at the time with foot on brake. I'm not sure if that would make a difference on the transmission temperature or not.

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