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Mid Pipe Resonator

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I have the muffler deleted and x-pipe in place of third cat, I like the way it sounds with the resonator left in it most of the time, but my question is has anybody cut the resonator open and see what flow dynamics are in it? I can order a nice dual in/out flow through muffler to replace it, but I am not sure if it would get rid of the rasp at 3000-3500 rpm. Or that it would flow any better. There is only rasp at 1/4-1/2 throttle (little bit of fart can sound) but when going full throttle it gets quieter due to turbos. For some reason at this throttle and RPM it is much louder than WOT.


I would leave the resonator on if it doesn't flow better than another additional part. But I am asking since I saw that a muffler was cut open and I was not impressed by that things flow at all, if anybody has looked at the long muffler in the middle.

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