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Anybody have experience with a rconditioned wheel? Equal to OEM new?

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I need a replacement standard silver 19" wheel for my as-new 2012 SHO and am struggling with the new vs. reconditioned choice. There must be others who have been down this path--anybody have advice? These rims are expensive new--half or less cost for reconditioned. If anybody has gone the reconditioned route, were you satisfied and found the wheel indistinguishable from OEM new? Or would you have bought an OEM new from Ford instead on a do over?

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Well, if the reconditioned wheel had been bent, I'd think it's trash.


But if it just had a little curb rash, I'd probably be okay with it. I've had a few of those fixed over the years and frankly never noticed the repaired area again.


Now, if you or your wife scratched it, the recon'd wheel will help ease the sting of the damage. If a lot attendant at your dealership scratched it while they were wheeling your brand new SHO around to the front of the SHOwroom (sorry, couldn't resist!) then I'd be pretty firm on getting a new part on my new car.

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You made a good point that was part of my concern on reconditioned---am I buying a wheel that had significant damage. Also am wondering about accuracy of color and durability on refinish.


I should have been more specific on the damage--the wheel is way past road rash--had a hard impact with a tall barrier curb. The tire even has two chunks out almost all the way through the tire. The wheel does not seem to be bent--more like a deep gouge and grind along the rim for maybe a fourth or less of the circumference.


Since a reconditioned wheel is only 250-300 vs 800 dealer or about 650 discounted, I wanted to find out what choice others have made and their satisfaction level if going reconditioned route

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Thanks, Watts, and I have looked at them and exchanged a couple emails. They were very responsive and provided good details--that is one of the wheels I had found and put on the short list. They actually are a refurb--here is what they told me:


"All of our wheels are factory OEM. We obtain rims mostly from dealerships that come off of leases with cosmetic blemishes and scratches. We strip them of their paint, we spin them multiple times on the balancer to ensure that they are true to fit. (That means that there are no bends, breaks or cracks)

Once they are deemed safe and pass rigorous testing, they are then repainted to factory specifications (factory paint and color codes.) They are then spun again before being shipped to ensure that they are pristine. They are then shipped to you via UPS ground . There is a lifetime warranty on the finish against peeling or chipping."



I also found this one from HH Auto that is 75 bucks cheaper (this is same as Hubcap Haven, which I did find some decent feedback on other car forums after some google work):




Original wheels appears to have one, but their description of the 3820 does not seem correct which made me a little leery:




I'm waiting to hear back from a forum member on finding one for me before pulling the trigger on one of the choices unless somebody responds to my wanted ad here in the forum--thought maybe somebody had one sitting around.


I THINK the product code has been deciphered as Ford uses different codes for the same wheel it seems--even mine had two part numbers on the back of the spokes. I should probably add that to my wanted ad.

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The forum member could not find me a wheel, so I bought the one from originalwheels.com after making sure it was correct. It arrived today, and looked like brand new--would buy a reconditioned wheel again--$235 net after core vs $800 list/$650 discounted for new.


New tire was installed and the SHO looks and rides like new again! :cheer2:

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