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Fuel Gauge in 2013 SHO....at ZERO miles to empty..still 2.5 gallons in tank?

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SO, on my 4th week with the car. Now at 1,1xx miles.


Each time I get gas, I have tried to go farther into a tank. I want to see when i really need to get gas. Last night i pushed it.


When the rage to empty goes to ZERO. It looks like my car at least, still has 2.5 - 3 gallons in the tank. Wich would mea that I should comfortably be able to go AT LEAST 50 miles @ 18 MPG.


Thats what I did last night, and still was only able to put 17.5 gallons in the tank. The tank is 19 correct?


Is it just me, or is the "range to empty" and researve tank very conservative in this car?

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And on the 8th day god had some smart car guys create fuel filters. :)


And one the 9th day the more intelligent species discovered filters clog.

One tank of bad fuel could deposit a goodly amount of garbage in the tank.

This was carved in stone a few eons ago, should be common knowledge by now.

But since my vehicle is not involved I don't give a Rattzz adzz how low other folks run the tank.

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Clogging filter would not be my concern, as all debris will sit sit on the bottom of the tank and pump draws fuel from the bottom of tank any way. And a clogged filter would be unavoidable. But the fuel pump would be my main concern because it is cooled and lubricated by the fuel, and running car excessively low on fuel causes undue stress on the fuel pump. But for testing proposes to see how low you can go is fine, but drivers that make a habit of driving on fumes will find themselves replacing fuel pumps more often.

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