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PTU Leak and other PTU Question

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So I was digging around today and spotted some brownish/black liquid on top of the PTU. Based on several TSB's this seems to be the PTU vent leak. Looks to be TSB 10-14.2. See 2 images below and more questions to follow.





I also have a question about TSB 10-22-4. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be any play in the drive shaft at all? I can rotate it back and forth by hand while up in the air and in park. Didn't really try to see if I could rotate it completely around and don't know if that is what is meant in the TSB, the TSB just says "rotate". Just wondering if it's starting to fail and could also possibly explain the harsh bumps that many of us still have after having the infamous transmission TSB performed.


Can anyone else confirm if there is supposed to be any play in the axle at all?




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yes there is some play in the drivetrain. This is normal. There are so many moving parts that its hard to take the slack completely out. It should not move much but you can rotate it from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. How many miles are on your car. I believe you have 5 years on the powertrain.I could be wrong I have been before. It sure doesn't look good for that to happen . I hope you can get it fixed. I did however purchsase a extended warranty from ford because of things like this.

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Got an update from the dealership. They are speculating that my PTU is burnt up. The oil is kind of think and tacky and possibly a little gritty. They are just waiting on Ford to approve a new PTU. Maybe this will solve some of my power loss issues??? I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

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I got my car back yesterday. They said my bad PTU had gotten so hot that the oil turned to the consistency of syrup and said that the thermal expansion of the oil was the reason it was pouring out of the vent cap.


I don't race my car, never even been to a track with it. Just my daily driver.


My power issues still seem to be lingering around too. Wondering if I also possibly have a bad torque converter. If the PTU got that hot and fried what else could have done the same...

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