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Volume changing, 2013 SHO, Sony system


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Good day,


I have noticed that if I have the volume set low (less than 5 hash marks on display) on the Sony system, the volume will change by itself. It tends to go lower automatically (not indicating any change in the display).


I checked the volume speed control feature and it is turned off. I also tinkered with the "surround stereo" on and off but nothing seems to fix this issue.


The problem seems to occur with a station that has HD capability but as it is auto-changing the volume I do not see the HD symbol blinking so I don't think it is a matter of it going between HD and standard def.


Anyone else experience this issue?





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You will notice different volumes from different sources and even different satalite channles.


If you are listening to .mp3 on your phone over blue tooth or usb....there are frequent vloume changes based on who recorded the track and at what seetings. itunes has a volume level setting you can try.


there are different quality levels for various satalite channells....example....try and listen to the disney channel...it sound slike it is streamed from some guys garage at 56k


finally, radio will change based on FM or FMHD levels.

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