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Question about Ford Active Grill Shutters

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Hi All,


I have a family member who just bought a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium with the Active Grill Shutters. When they drive, they hear what sounds like plastic (like blinds closing) rubbing. There is no obvious transmission or brake problems and the vehicle only has 120 miles on the car. You can barely hear the sound and from the cabin, but it's centered towards the front of the engine. This is my conclusion that it's related to the vents opening and closing. Anyone have any thoughts, or know, if you periodically hear these shutters. All the research I'm finding online talks simply about the benefits of the shutters, but not one talks about the periodic sounds, which occurs upon acceleration or slowing.


Any feedback would be appreciation. Oh, sorry about bringing up a Focus issue in a SHO forum :) LOL.




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