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New SHO Race Vid

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My friends and I went down to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on Friday night. I completely dominated all of them. Qualcomm is an 1/8th mile track on a parking lot. It is a terrible "track" with no traction! In fact, i could hear all 4 wheels chirping trying to find traction mostof the way down the track. My 60ft times were 2.0 when i usually get 1.8s. I also hit an 8.5 for my fastest time of the night, which is usually my slowest time of the night! I had just added a K&N drop in air filter too. (being cheap lately cause I just paid for a wedding and honey moon) Anyways, Check out the vid and let me know what you guys think. The only races that I got decent video on was against the camera, G8 and GTP. I also raced a mustang gt, BMW M3, Lancer evo and some crappy civic. I only have in car videos of those though so i didnt put them in my video. I did smoke them all though, but the EVO was the best race. We were neck and neck til he missed a shift.




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Nice vid Evan! nice kills! As you said, ETs would have better better if the track was better prepped, but your competition would have benifited more than the AWD SHO... Also, Nice editing, the only thing: cut the music to hear the engine during the race itself please... I liked that you had someone filming the same races from outside, it gives a betetr perspective of the races.

Good job and looking forward to seeing your next kills in November... In my case, maybe one more time to go this season... My best 1/8 mile is now 7.78 at 90.34 mph... On the 1/8 mile, the SHO is really hard to beat, but the second portion of the 1/4 mile is where some opponents catch me when they are heavily modified...

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