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There are commercially sold lockpick devices that can be installed that will allow you to bypass all of the factory installed "locks" throughout the different tech options, one of those being the reverse cam....


If no one else posts the information and/or links for those products, i'll search around and find 'em for you.


They're pretty reasonable, with most systems being priced under $300.


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Looks like Chris beat me to the post..... and by a mere two whole minutes. Guess I should refreshed my smart phone / tap-a-talk app screen 1st :tsk:


Good job Chris. :mmph:


Either way, only because I went digging around to look for it, I'm gonna post the damn link a 2nd time.


So that being said, here 'ya go: http://www.coastaletech.com/synclockpick.htm

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I installed it in my Brick... You can watch a DVD, have the backup camera on full time, or do Nav inputs while moving in 1 minute increments. Only the Nav input has a time sensitive limit.


I find it the neatest thing in the world to have! Great for watching my wife, when she is tied to the hitch... Didn't know she was capable of jogging at 20 mph! Unfortunatly this is not a simple option for you SHO owners.... since you don't have a hitch!


Coastal Lockpick - co. name... You can direct purchase.

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