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rear lights.

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Point of clarification that i've since learned while attending the Nat'l SHO Convention this past Summer.....


Anyone who owns a '10, '11, or '12 SHO CAN..... and I'll repeat CAN retro fit the 2013 LED's tails......


However, the work involved is more than perceived.


The outer tail assemblies have NOT changed.


But, the inner assemblies have changed.


In order to perform this mod one would have to order up the entire '13 rear trunk lid, including the complete (inner & outer) tail assemblies.


Then there's the issue of the wiring schematics, which admittedly I don't readily know off hand what would be involved in that part of it.


But physically speaking, yes, this can be retro fitted.


Hope it's of some help to any of you sitting on the fence about possibly tackling this as a project.


If so, please be sure to post up pics, hints, etc. For a clear "how-to" at some point for the rest of the community to follow.


Mike :yo:


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Hmmm thanks... But seems costly. The way i do my mods is try to convince the wife that something "needs"to be replaced, then order after market upgrades... Lol... Like: "hey honey, the car's springs don't feel right... Could be unsafe for the baby... " BAM -lowering springs! Lol. How can i explain a whole new trunk? Lol.


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