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When will Fusion and Escape AWD Ecoboost start to be tuned?


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I was looking at the Focus ST and the potential for tuning and it is quite interesting. However, the lack of AWD is a real turn off for me... I am just talking because I don't plan on changing either my SHO or Flex for another car... for the moment lol. Then I looked at the Escape and the Fusion with the same engine and I am surprised that no one yet has talked about tuning those too. They have the same Ecoboost engine as the Focus, but have the AWD. In the case of the Fusion, it is not that much heavier and is automatic, I am sure it could be kind of fast with a tune and a few minor mods. Actually, it is disppointing that the Fusion doesn't offer a real sport version... because the actual Sport version is sad imo. As for the Escape, it would be a total sleeper!

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