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These cars are sooo cool man. I had an 03 SVT and that thing was a blast so I can imagine these new ones rock! I also sat in a yellow one with the Recaro's



The Recaro's had me worried.. The first time I just sat in them I was really uncomfortable and thought there is no way I was going to be able to live with it... But then a week later I actually took one for a test drive... was uncomfortable for about the first 5 minutes and then I completely forgot about the seats! 2 weeks later I don't notice it at all!

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What did it run? Sat in a yellow one with Recaro's today. Love the seats in it!
Best I could manage was a 14.597 @ 98 MPH... it was a damp' date=' cold 45 degrees... so basically zero traction! Also first time running a manual at the track! LOL! [video=youtube;N9gaMBLzs_4']

Scrming you lost!!!!!!!! OH I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!! HOW WILL I MAKE Camaro Guy feel SCARE NOW LIKE HE IS OF THE FLEX,I'M SO HURT. LOL love your car MY FRIEND not bad for only 2.0L:bounce:

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