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Those that have spare tires, what size is it?


Also, does anyone know if the spare will fit on a 2013 SHO w/PP?


With all the driving I do, I need to ditch what is in the trunk for an actual tire. Just cant seem to find any info on a spare (donut) that I can purchase.


I have a 17" donut for my Mustang that I believe is the same bolt pattern, but have not checked to see if it cleared the brakes

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Did the first oil change today, so I wanted to check something out.


The spare tire I have for my 1987 Mustang GT is a 17" Cobra donut. Both have the same bolt pattern, so they should fit.


Well, found out thag the 17" rim will not clear the PP Pkg brakes. Will have to find a bigger wheel.


I know people are saying to get a stock 20" wheel to put in there, but I want something that fits under the factory cover, and does not stick up.


Search continues.

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