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Question on new tires + tune


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I finally dumped the *amazing* goodyear supercars /sarcasm


I went up to 255/45/20. I'm currently using torrie's tune (awesome sauce) and was wondering if I can just use the SCT to change the rotations to 713. Or will I have to get torrie to change it for me? If I can just use the SCT to change it to 713, do I have to then reflash the tune?




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Although I no longer have my SCT tuning device, upon recollection, I think there was a subsection that allows you to customize, and/or change the aspects of any particular tune file.


One of which was tire size. I think anytime you change a parameter of the tune, in order for it to successfully work , you would then need to reflash it after said change.


I would contact the company who developed your file for further advice / clarification and proceed from there :thumb:


How are the new tires working out btw?

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Cool, thanks. I went with the Yokohama Parada Spec-X. Compared to the Goodyears, these tires are from the future. Ultra quiet on the road, handling seems better and the ride isn't as bouncy (has the PP). We'll see how they do in the winter, I usually rotate summer/winter so hopefully I don't kill myself or someone else this year.

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