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Methanol leaking and gauge problem!

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I went to the track on Sunday and after on the way back, even though my car was running very smooth and very well, I noticed that the Oil pressure gauge was doing free games and most of the time reading 0... But the free games had a pattern. At idle, reading 15, on the cruise at 50mph, reading between 40 and 80 doing jumps back and forth and if not at 0. But the car ran well... I went to see the guy who installed the gauges yesterday and told me it is probably the sender unit on the oil filter that is broken, so I called Prosport gauges and I am just out of warranty by two months (bought in September 2011). Anyways, the part costs 33$ shipped to my home within a week, so it is cheaper to just order the part and hope this is it than to pay the guy 75$ an hour to verify all the wiring. So, I hope it won't be a big problem. But when I was looking for Prosport phone number, I went on their website and saw their digital collection and apparently the conversion isn't too hard, so I might change the gauges for digital in the next few months... We'll see...


But when I got home from the drag, I went to check under the car to see if any oil was leaking and I saw a liquid and I was like: Oh no! here we go... I abused too much of the car lol!

But when I touched the liquid, it was transparent and it finally was methanol... Not as bad, but not cool neither. It was dripping from in front of the passenger's front wheel behind the plastic... It seems to come from the tank (formally the windshield washer tank, now used for meth)... But I couldn't verify. So this morning, I went to see the other guys that installed the meth kit and they confirmed that the «cork» in which they connect the hose from the meth pump on the lower part of the tank was cracked...


Here is a picture (by the way, not my fingers! lol):




Long story short, the rubber of that piece was now very hard and cracked, like if the exposure to methanol over time was drying it... So they replaced it with a similar piece from a snow water meth kit which they adapted and the guy put some product, not cylicone (forgot the name), so that it would be better sealed in place... before it had nothing, just squeezed in placed.


So, no more leaking and hopefully it won't happen again... Total cost for labor was 70$ cash... could have been worst!

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Glad everything turned out ok for you in the end. That's the kind of stuff that terrifies me right there. I don't want to ever leak methanol out and have a nice little insible fire going on under my hood. Sniff. Sniff. You smell something? Crappy way to loose your car. I know it's happened to some of the BMW N54 guys. I'd much rather have a 50/50 E85 tune but alas, Livernois doesn't like E85. :(

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I wouldn't say Livernois doesn't like E85, Ford says not use E85 in our cars. And from what I've heard LMS has tried a water/meth system before from a popular company and was found unreliable. There is a lot of unknowns with the direct injection system on the car, and alcohols are very hard on fuel system components if not made for alcohol. And seeings LMS has a very close relationship with FMC if it where possible they would know about it.

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