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Spring 60' times

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Steve142857 asked what my Eibachs did for my 60' time. Good question, I had to pull out my slips to look. Here is what I found.


Stock springs, tune, Magnaflow best of 2.041

Eibachs, tune, Magnaflow best I can find* 1.935

Methanol, Eibachs, tune, Magnaflow 1.92 on the slip I can find, think I had one better, still looking.


1/4 times went 13.506, 13.33 with springs, and 12.44 with methanol (lots of spinning though)


Does anybody have similar comparisons for H&Rs? I am very anxious to see if once dialed in and hooking better if I am as fast as everybody with H&Rs. My 12.44 was on stock tires in the 25-27 PSI range. I am hoping with the methanol dialed in, better tires, and some drag bags I am at the 12.1-12.3 everybody else has ran.

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I can't find slips before HR springs, but now with same setup as you except for tires and HR, my 60' is always between 1.80 and 1.85... My guess is that if your Eibach cut you 0.1, HR will cut 0.15-0.20... As for tires, I calculated 0-60 at the track with glue and I did a best of 4.07sec. I tried it the previous night with same temperature around 40-42F and I could do a 4.19! I have Hankook summer tires bought in Detroit in June that now have 7k miles and about 150 1/4 mile runs... Oh yeah and it was snow raining!!! So tires are vety important, suspension and the weight of the ORM 20" wheels seem to help avoid extra spinning too... But Paul, you shoul definitely be able to lower 60' by another tenth eith HRs and better tires...

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That is actually encouraging for me. You both had bigger/better tires. I had 19" rims with the stock RSA's with 35K+ on them. I am still going to try to get to your 60' and 1/4 times with the Eibachs. If I simply just cant make it then I may switch. That said I think I can catch up to you guys, heck I am gonna try and pass you guys ;)

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No way they were helping as is....They may have if I would have had better tires on them. I have been foot braking off the line, with the Methanol this took me into a pretty good spin with a brake loose again in 2nd.


My used 20" PP rims are here! I had already bought tires, so all I need is the TPS sensors. I may plastic dip them black also...... All that said my tires are summer tires so they wont do me any good until spring.

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OK found something interesting. I forgot to even look at this... After it warmed up I decided to turn my initial up a bit and I dipped back into the 12.4s at about 75 degrees out.


Slip from my last run is 1.906 60', 8.039 1/8 and 12.481 1/4. I am sure that one like all were spinning the fronts. Cant wait to try a run with better tires. Summer tires OK for 1 day during the winter? Nearest 1/4 has "hangover fest" Jan 1.

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