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Hard wire radar


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I have mine mounted above the mirror on left side and was able to tap into sunroof switches.

Same here. The only downside is that the radar detector turns on whenever the the doors are unlocked and dome light is activated or when the power accessories are on with the ignition off. It also turns on if I open the trunk with the key fob or the button on the bumper, but goes back to sleep after a minute. I would have preferred it to come on only with the ignition on, but its not a big deal.

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You must have it wired to dome lights' date=' remove that find the wires for the sunroof switch which is key on only.[/quote']

You're right, I did have it wired to the dome light. I just switched it over from the yellow wire on the dome light block to the violet wire on the sunroof wire block and it works perfectly. Thanks.

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