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Crazy boost level/spike?

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The car did something weird yesterday so I thought I would post it and see if anyone has any ideas. I was rolling in to the throttle on an on ramp and the car was in second essentially floored. It shifted in to 3rd and the car fell on its face. I have multiple ODB guages in the car using Torque for Android and I happened to glance down and saw that boost was maxed at 14.7 PSI and it was pulling a bunch of timing because it was knocking (saw both of those on my gauges as well)...which I can see why if the boost reading was accurate. :RpS_scared: I got off the gas and everything seemed fine. I even did a WOT run after that and haven't seen any boost spikes...all else seems fine now. Yes its tuned but given this was a one time event I don't believe it is related to that.


Anyone ever experienced this before? Any ideas what it could be from? I was thinking sticking wastegate, blow off/bypass valve, plugged exhaust???

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Running LV Stage 4+...I see other threads that say boost that high is normal so maybe the digital guage is way off but either way it was far out of my "normal" range. I typically only see a Max boost of 11-12 psi on the guage. The current MAP sensor maxes out at 14.7 PSI I believe. It hasn't happened again so I am just keeping an eye on it.

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