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A few questions regarding my recent Meth install

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Hello All!


Seems like a great community and Forum! I have a 2011 SHO. Just got down with my "Alchy" intstall. ( I purchased the kit directly from Julio as I wanted the rear fuel cell instead of under the hood). So I replaced the Map Sensor with the 3 Bar that was recommended by Rick. Uploaded the new Methanol Tune. The car does seem faster for sure but I do know what a mid 12 car should feel like and it's not there.


I wanted to ask you guys how to properly log my car's data with Dash DAQ so that I can shoot it over to Rick. Do I just simply go to the gauge section and select "Start Log"? Also is there PC software that allows me to view my logs on my desktop?


Thanks for any advice!



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Yes, you just set up the gauges/values you want to log so they are on your screen... Then simply hit the "Start Log". The log file will actually have something like 15 or 30 seconds of data from BEFORE you hit the start button.. In the setup you can specify what format you want your log file in. I just set my to CSV (comma separated values) so I could just import them easily into Excel.

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I would suggest setting up a boost gauge to see when the system is priming and when its spraying. what you should see is at 5psi red indicator come on and at 7psi it turn green assuming you primed the system according to the instruction. If the system is well primed when pressing test button and knob turn up all the way indictor light should turn green almost instantly. Once done return knob back to 6. Hopefully this will get you feeling some real seat of the pants power. If not you may need to adjust turn on, turn clockwise will turn on sooner but make very slight adjustments at a time.

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I set mine up and sent a log to Rick. You have to set each parameter... I dont know much about ECM logic so I set everything up that looked interesting. 02 sensors, IAT, timing, RPM, speed just to name a few I remember.


Play with it and dont be afraid to make adjustments. Rick had me turn turn on back a little because it appeared to be coming on late (I took a video of the light from a dead stop). Also at the track I turned the "initial" up just a tad and sped up in the 1/4. Just takes some tweaking.


I am still trying to get mine in for a dyno session at Livernois, just to make sure it is dialed in on the money!

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