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81280 camber bolt issue

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My complete post is over on the Taurus site since I have a 2013 Limited, but found an issue all should know about. My car has 16mm round(no slot) holes in the upper arm, and concentric 16mm bolts. So camber is not adjustable. The 81280 bolts are 14mm with a 16mm eccentric section. You gain adjustability with the eccentric, but also with the slop created by putting a 14mm bolt in a 16mm hole. Clamping force is the only thing to keep it from sliding around. An SHO driven hard can likely overcome that force. My car is FWD - AWD cars may be slightly different. If so, I apologize. I just don't like my result.

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No issues on mine, and they've seen over 40K worth of service.


Both road coursed, and drag stripped.


Not sure what you're not happy about, but the info for those bolts came directly from a reputable, world renowned / major after market suspension company's research & development division.


It may not sit comfortable with you (due to the size differences you've made note of) but I am unaware of any failures to this point.


Thanks for the input though.


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I take it your talking about adjusting front camber. I used these bolts to adjust camber in McPherson strut setups that use two bolts per side to mount the strut. I would only replace one of the bolts per side with a cam bolt to get some negative camber, that way the strut is support properly with atleast one full size bolt. Just some some other ford/Volvo suspension setups, the Taurus strut mounts directly in the wheel hub and uses only one mounting bolt. Because of that suspension companies like Ingalls don't make came bolts for the Taurus. The Taurus front camber is adjustable via rotating the top hat 180 degrees.

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