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Anyone seen a vinyl front license plate?

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A friend of mine in the Navy had a vinyl front license plate put on his new camaro rs. It looked alot better than the stock plate he had on there since it contoured to the shape of his front bumper (the letters were even reflective and looked just like the state plate). Right now I have no plate on my front end since I don't want to drill into the bumper just yet. This is all I could find on the net so far for an example. I am trying to track something like this down or just throw my plate up on the dash if I get pulled over? The back end of these cars is tall enough to where he probably wouldnt even see me do it.


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Glad WV doesn't have a front plate, though I did have to buy bumper plugs to fill in my holes from the bracket.


I dunno how/if these would be legal. I've wondering the same kinda thing before about "non-DMV issued plates". We have a Euro plate on the front of my wife's A4, and I've seen Euro shaped plates that look like US plates, as far as the design of the plate, just has a Euro shape. I thought it'd be cool to have for the back as well.

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