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Issues with SYNC

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I've had my car for a week and I love it except for one thing. The SYNC fails at least twice a day. It's usually related to hanging up a phone call. The system will get stuck on the call then it shows a windows type error message stating there's been a serious error.

Then it either reboots or just shuts down.


I've spoken to the SYNC help line twice now. Once we tried a master reset which worked for about 8 hours.


Today and last night it just shuts down and won't come back on until I shut the car off, get out, lock the car, open it back up and then restart. Then it's fine unless I get another call.


I've also tried updating my phone, forgetting the blue tooth device from phone, repairing etc.



Anyone else have this issue?


Biggest problem is when it happens I lose all controls to radio, ac, nav etc. plus of course I lose the hands free for the phone.


Pretty frustrating.


Unrelated: I got my Livernois tube in today! Holy crap it's pulls like a beast!


Ford today said on the phone to take to the dealer for a diagnostic, will they be able to tell I have a tune?


Again my tune is unrelated as this has been happening since day 2 with car and the tune was just put on today.


Thanks for any advice.

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What phone are you using. I had a Samsung that was a pain and would never stay connected, I had to reconnect to SYNC probably about once a month...then I got a Motorola Droid and although I had a bit of trouble getting it to connect, my son came to my rescue and I haven't had a problem since he got it connected and set as my favorite. Have you tried connecting another phone and see if it will stay connected? It might be a place to start to see if it is the phone or the SYNC.

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If I connect my Iphone via bluetooth and USB and do not disconnect or power off the radio it will lock up the system. I simply use speakerphone on my Iphone because the mytouch is so buggy. The last time I had it connected, on an incoming call it rang once on the system, once on the phone, back on the system, back on the phone and it would not allow me answer the call. I am done. I drive and talk using speakerphone because mytouch will cause me to crash if I try to use it!

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I had a problem with sync when I first bought the car in that all the sync would want to do is stay in phone mode and not read my nano or go to sirius. I pulled the fuse and left it out for five minutes which is probably the same as a master reboot. Never had an issue again. Good luck and enjoy the new found power of a Livernois tune. :RpS_biggrin:

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I can't help you with your particular issue' date=' but you should always put it back to stock anyway before bringing it in for service just in case they do an ECM update.[/quote']


DI-TOE Last time in for a TPS& oil change they update my car and said nothing about the upgrade but my MyCal told me that it was new a stock software.

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Ok, I went on Friday to the dealer and was pretty impressed with the technician, he seemed to be on top of the sync issues. He listened to what I had been able to determine and was very nice to deal with. Based on my having done clean pairings, software updates from syncmyride.com/USB, pulled the fuse etc, he determined that it was an issue with the APIM (I may be saying this wrong) unit. He ordered a new one and it should arrive later this week. He said he'd seen a smiliar issue before but only once. He also said because of trouble on that particular unit, Ford was extending the factory warranty on them.


As far as mods go he said CAI, Downpipes, Exhausts were all 100% ok with that dealer, however they were not a fan a tuning/programmers. As I replied, "what's a programmer?" ;) Seemed like a good enough guy, I'd like to talk to him offline more about the subject.


I'll post more as I get info.

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