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iTSX reset not working


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So, I got a new iPhone, and never unpaired the old one from my iTSX.


Found these directions: http://www.5startuning.com/SCTFlashSupport/files/iTSX%20User%20Manual.pdf on how to reset the device and get it into Bluetooth pairing mode.


Long story short I tried it a few hundred times and I can not seem to get the device into pairing mode. I plugged it into my laptop to do all updates and tried again to no avail.


Anyone have any suggestions?


My Flex has the stock tune on it and I miss my tunes! Please help! Thanks in advance.

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Plug the iTSX into the car. Press the Reset button and hold for a few seconds. When you release it, the LED will flash a few times. Wait about 10 seconds, then unplug it and plug it back in. Reboot your new iPhone and open Bluetooth. It should appear.

Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow control over the Bluetooth stack, so pairing with iTSX makes can be a nightmare.

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For anyone that got here only to find that the standard reset procedure doesn't work for them...


My device wouldn't reset when plugged into the car. So, I decided to bring it in and plug it into the computer via the USB port. I then pressed the reset button. After a couple seconds, the led turned blue and then flashed multi-colored (looked like red, green and blue at the same time). I disconnected it and plugged it back into the car. I was then able to pair with my new device and install my new tune.

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I have a ITSX SCT tuner it will get power inside a red light comes on followed by two green lights but when I plug it into the car port nothing happens. I thought it was my port but that's not the case because the advance auto guy was able to do a reading on why the abs sensor was on 

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