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ran the 2013 sho today stone stock with the child seat


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well the wife ran the fastet ill get the exact number but ive got time and mph the cars first pass was 13.55@102.xx she also ran 13.56 13.58 then i decided to run it and managed 13.64 @ 104.xx and backed that up with about the same time with 105.07 mph pass i was shocked i didnt realize it would go this fast then i let my buddy run it and he went 13.58@104.xx so the sho has really impressed me pulled a 2.0x 60ft best launch was off idle trying to power brake it netted in slower time and speed, ill give the run down tomorrow i know 1/8 mph was like 81.xx heck we never even popped the hood



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We usually have good air from November thru January after that its a crap shoot' date=' it's weird how the Taurus doesent feel like its flying then again I had been running my 4.6 tbird that went 10.20 @ 138.1 letting off just before the lights[/quote']


That is quick for an MN12! I am on my 2nd one right now and have thought many times about building one up. Never have and probably wont. Just have to envy guys like you that did it.

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