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2013 SHO Trouble with Auto on headlamps and Auto hi beams

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Good day,


I have been experiencing intermittent problems with both the auto-on headlamps and the auto hi beams on my 2013 SHO.


Auto on headlamps fail to switch on in semi-dark conditions sometimes. One early evening (when the lamps should have been on) I was driving and the headlamps were off. I stopped the car to switch drivers.. when my wife closed the drivers door.. the headlamps came on.


The auto hi-beams seem to operate on their own schedule too.. sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. At first I thought it was just some reflection causing the intermittent operation but sometimes they fail to operate on the same stretch of road .. same driving conditions that they worked on before.


I really like the SHO but this kind of intermittent problem drives me crazy… it reminds me of the feeling I had with previous non import car’s I have owned in the past…


Has anyone else had similar problems?





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this is what warranties are for. take it to ford and see if then can calibrate it?


the sensor on the windshield is unobstructed right?


Thanks for the feedback, No obstructions in the way of sensor!


I hate taking the car in for warranty work.. very inconvenient and something I am not accustom to having to do. My guess is this kind of interment problem would not be an easy diagnosis at the dealer.. I can see many take backs before they figure the root problem out.. I am hoping that someone else who had same problem can chime in and give me a lead so I can provide the dealer some points to focus on for the repair!


Thanks again..



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I'd take it in to have the dealer check it. Perhaps it is only a bad sensor.


I've not seen/read any reports like this. I have seen reports of the dash lights dimming and some thought it was the headlights turning off and on. (The dash IP lights operate between day/night mode based on outside brightness and are not related to the headlight usage.) The headlights also turn on/off based on the wiper usage if the wipers are set to auto. (If the wipers operate for 2 minutes, the headlights turn on).


You can turn off the auto-headlight high/dim feature using the Info/Settings section.

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