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My next summer wheels

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Hey guys,


So, with my new concept of black and blue SHO, I have opted to paint in black the OEM 20'' wheels. I like the result very much. I am now hesitating for my summer wheels, what should I buy? Another set of OEM 20'' (2010-12 not 2013), the same wheels as BPDMike or other wheels that are black?


My hesitation with going to other than OEM wheels is traction issue. Everybody that has methanol and aftermarket wheels are experiencing traction issue and I have 0 issue with the heavier OEM wheels.


That said, if someone would like to sell me their OEM 2010-12 set of mags, I would be interested to make an offer. I live in Canada, so shipping will influence my decision, but I could always have them delivered accross the boarder, go get them myself and pay taxes (15%) on the agreed price, whatever is eaiser/cheaper.


Thanks for your input!

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