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C1B00 DTC Code

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I got my MyCalibr8or in the mail today and plugged it in to get the information to send Rick and saw I have a C1B00 DTC code. I Googled it and found a few examples on a Mustang and on a few trucks for things ranging from traction control and advance trac to different diameter tires and tire sensors. Have any of you ran in to this one?

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LOL! I knew there was something off. Rick helped me in finding the code


That code comes up as Steering Angle Sensor: Signal Erratic


I didn't realize we have steering angle sensors, what angles does it measure? I'm going to try and go by the dealership tomorrow to get it checked out.

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I asked the dealership about this and the first thing he asked me is if I drove the car aggressively. My response was "Well....Yeah! That's why I bought the SHO!" He told me that when driven aggressively, not sure if he was referring to turning erratically or just putting a lot of pressure on the steering wheel, the sensor will throw this code. They said it's not an issue and won't cause any problems. I'm going to clear it and see how often it comes back.

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So I put the tune on for a couple of weeks and put it back to stock just before going to the dealership last week. I just took it on a road trip to Atlanta yesterday, 750 miles or so, with no issues. Today I go to put the tune back on so I could compare gas mileage on the way back and drive around ATL with it tuned and noticed I have 4 more DTCs. I did a search and found the potential meanings to these, all listed below, but can anyone verify these? Also, has anyone else gotten these codes after going back to the stock tune? I cleared the codes and will drive around on stock for a couple days to see if any come back but if this isn't normal then I may have some concerns about putting the tune back on.


U0420 - Invalid Data Received From Power Steering Control Module

U0100 - Lost Communication With ECM/PCM "A"

U0121 - Lost Communication With Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Control Module

U0415 - Invalid Data Received From Anti-Lock Brake System Control Module

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