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10-12 rear bumper lower extension...

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So i'm trying to convert my LTD to the SHO rear valance for dual pipes in the rear.


I can get the SHO extension for $159.98 (shop cost) part # AG1Z-17F828-BA


Anyone deal with this?


Whats the suggested tip size for the SHO cutouts?


any suggestions on a muffler? looking for a good tone.


I want no resonators or stock mufflers.





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well...here it is...mind you this was done for more of a look/ slight vrroom sound aspect and not performance.


Magnum had headers, was catless and straight out the back...i've had my share of v8 noise :)


removed two resonators and the muffler at the end.


In place of the resonators went in a magnaflow 5x8 muffler....center in/out 2.25"


pipes split in the back into summit racing tips. 2.25 in, 4 out




Hmm...what's next...



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I was unsure of what you did exactly, until recalling you had/have a Limited..... (which most of us should know, did not come with the dual exhaust).


Looks pretty sharp, but might I suggest that you take a picture from an angle which actually shows off the hard work you put into the exhaust work.....


Like laying down on the ground and pointing the camera so that it captures those new mufflers/pipes, etc?

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