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A couple tricks in negotiating the price of a used vehicle

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Here are a couple of tricks when negotiating the price a of used vehicle.


I know the dealership is in it to make money..but a markup of $2000-$3000 over their auction cost...f that!


Here is what you do. Go in very low with your price...when they say they cannot go that low say you will take their most expensive aftermarket warranty They make huge profits off of those and will probably accept your low offer. Then you can do one of two things..finance the vehicle with the warranty, then cancel the warranty, you can do this legally up to 3 days, it's your right of rescission. You will get the full price back for what you paid for the warranty ..just apply that to the principle. Or just cancel the warranty before you sign the financing agreement,but after you sign the purchase contract. All perfectly legal. I have been successful using this method on my last three vehicles. I know it's a bit underhanded but look at all the customers that dealership squeeze...I never feel guilty, it's my money!

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