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Novelty Plates..... info here!

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Thought this would be a cool thing to share with the community.


I ordered up a set of novelty, look-a-like, custom license plates for my 2010 Taurus SHO.


Illinois requires both a front, and rear license plates, thus the reason I ordered up a "set".


Now mind you these aren't legal for display when operating your vehicle, but if you're, let's say, taking photographs of your car and posting them online, or you may have your car on display at local car shows, these novelty plates make it convenient to swap out your legitimate, officially issued State Registration Plates, with these novelty inspired ones.


I order these from this following website: http://www.autolicenseplatesandframes.com/


This company does make all sorts of custom novelty type license plates, including look-a-like State issued license plates.


They are metal, and come in either the "standard" 6x12 size offering, or even motorcycle sized license plates.



A fun play on words, while entirely inferring to something more along the lines of a sexual nature, I chose to order mine like this:






So expect to see these on my SHO for future photo sessions I arrange with my photographer.


Another product offering that prove beneficial for my fellow EcoBoost Owners :thumb:

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