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question about transmission shifting

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When I went to the 1/4 friday I noticed at the end of each gear it seems like the computer took a second to shift to the next gear. Almost like it was hesitating. It was smooth and it ran what I expected it to run. No cel or anthing. Its a daily with a little over 30k miles. Is this normal? I suspect ford built in a torque control in the factory ecu settings to prevent damage at full throttle? Am I on the right track? Will my tune stop that hesitation? I have heard people say after the tune it seems the transmission is more "exact" and more "stiff".


Thanks for the info.


Btw: I am planning on doing a transmission service and fuel system service at work on monday.

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Absolutely the stock shifting characteristics are all about smoothness and lack of shift-shock. The computer retards the timing before/during the shift. It might also reduce the boost - not sure about that. Somewhere on this forum, someone displayed a graph that showed how the timing was retarded during shifts. Ford went all-out for torque management and part of the reason may have also been to save shock/wear on the transmission and driveline components.


Yes, the tunes reduce the amount of torque management. Shifts are much firmer and more precise but are still comfortable for daily driving. It would not surprise me if the transmission modifications alone were worth a car length or two in the quarter. Prior to the tune, mine felt like someone turned off the engine for a split second during the shifts. Now it is a steadier surge with a nice jump forward at each shift. Massive improvement.

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cool. Thats what I figured. It almost felt like something was wrong at first. I have to admit I was kinda worried. But as I said there was no cel or anything and it made the 40 mile drive home with ease. I know LMS has a 0 failure rate but I wonder if removing or reducing the torque management has a ill effect on the life of the trans...

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I have not heard of any transmission failures attributable to the tunes. Since the ecoboost was first introduced, I have heard that the engine was near bullet-proof but the 6F55 transmission was the weak link. Even though the engine is capable of much more power than the stock 365 HP and 350 Tq, Ford purposely has not upgraded the power for the SHO or MKS ecoboost. The reason, I am told, is due to the transmission.


Having said all that, look at the guys on this forum who use their cars as daily drivers and have made dozens, if not hundreds, of quarter mile passes. It was their experience that gave me the confidence that these cars are a helluva lot more robust than many think. Ford needs to be conservative. The last thing they need is a bunch of transmission failures to mess up their image. The 6F55 will likely withstand a lot more power than they are willing to put to it from the factory.

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