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First of all i would like to say hi and i enjoy the fourm very much. Ive never posted before but have enjoyed the sight for awhile now. Lots of great info and knowledege here. I now own a 2011 sho with all the bells and whistles. I work at a ford dealership and we just recieved a black on black 2013 whitch is very sharp. Its also loaded with a few more extras than my cars got like heated stearing wheel remote start and a few other goodies. My question is i can buy the 13 a dealers cost plus rebates witch is a pretty good deal. There giving me $24,500 for my white 11 sho with 26k miles. Do you guys think the extra $ is worth it to get the 13. Thanks so much?

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I just sold my 2010 SHO for 22,5k$ plus I'll take back my 2010's mags and leave them the 2013's for 1,500$.

He'll keep all the mods (exhaust, springs, car wrap, tinted lights and windows, gauge pods with gauges, aux trans cooler, ventilated and slotted rotors in front with performance pads x 4, painted calipers, performant spark plugs Denso, HID headlights 6K, more?).

I'll remove the meth kit, mycal device, airaid and tstat170.

My car had 61k miles still has one year of extended guarantee. It had a transmission rebuilt a year and a half ago, and recently two accidents (front bumper and lower grill cracked with fog light And ice blocks fell on the roof from a building so they are replacing the roof, sunroof, windshield and a few scratched plastic covers inside)...

So for me, I believe I got a very good price because it's hard to sell a modded car with my unfortunate history.

He probably won't be able to sell it more than what he gave me for.

As for the 2013, I bought the demo with 5k$ that was driven by the president of the dealer (77yo). The prices are much higher in Canada, so the MRSP is 53,5k$ (PP with all options except ACC). I got it for 48,700$ and I got a discount of an extra 1k$ from Ford, so 47,700$ financed on 72 mths at 0.99%. I bought an extended guarantee of one year and 25k miles for 1,800$ which I was told was their cost...

With all the technology, I prefer to have peace of mind, or knowing me, if I sell it in 3 years, it will still have a balance of warranty...

The 2010-12 lost lot of value since the 2013 came out.

The 2013 has a lot more to offer, but I wish I could have bought it one year old because I know it will be worth 25-30% less!

So, it depends on the interest rate first, but if the same, I would wait one extra year and make the switch if you can wait with a one year old 2013.

Good luck!

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I bought my 11 used with low miles with extended 75k warranty for 34ish. They had a new 2013 there for 48. For me there is not enough difference to justify the difference in cost. There are things I like about my model more (example wheels) and there are things I like about the 13 more (example revised brakes and trans cooler). My logic is if I really want a trans cooler I can hard wire an aftermarket one for about 500 bucks and I can get brake upgrades later also. I don't really road race so the brakes haven't been an issue for me. It obviously comes down to your preference...either way you can't go wrong. GOOD LUCK and let us know what you decide.

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Do you guys think the extra $ is worth it to get the 13. Thanks so much?


Heated steering wheel? Our BMW 535 has one of those and my wife tells me it's an awesome feature. I wish my MKS had it!


Hard to answer the question without knowing what "the extra $" is... but I understand if its not a number you'd care to share.


Let's guess you need to come up with $12k on top of your car's trade in to make the deal. $12k is 50% of the value of your 2011. Do you really think the additional features make the 2013 50% more car? Our eye is attracted to the differences so you are undoubtedly focused on the differences.. which are few. With 26,000 miles we'd all hope your car has lots of healthy miles ahead of it.


I'd enjoy the temptation, add remote start to the 2011, and keep the $12k (or more?) in your pocket.

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Test drive the 13 to see if you like the feel of the interior better. Power will be the same between the two cars once you get past 1000 miles, but they're a little detuned when new.

You're probably looking at 12-16K for the change. Is the added warranty, resale value, upgraded brakes and cooling, new options, upgraded interior and new nose worth it... only you can make that decision.

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good choice. My 11 is equipped with nav. I live in Houston Texas so heated wheel isnt an issue. My truck has Remote start but I never use it. And the park assist would be kinda cool...but I park in China everywhere I go to prevent dents anyway. but like I said in the beginning...you cant go wrong either way.

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