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How to check rear differential?

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You'll have to reach up there from the side, or on an angle.


Incredibly, there is no stink'n drain plug.


If you want to change out your rear diff fluid, you'll literally have to suck it out from the fill plug located at the top of the housing.


I recently just performed this with the assistance of my mechanic friend.


To say it was a P.I.T.A. would be an understatement.


And yes, that stupid unused exhaust hangar doesn't help matters.


Good luck.

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I can't seem to figure out how to open the plug on the rear diff. There is a hole in the crossmember but I have a unused exhaust hanger blocking it. Help plz


This unused hanger must have been phased out at some point. At don't recall it being a issue. But there was enough room between frame for a ratchet with a hex key.

I suck mine out with a mighty mini vac and refilled with a hand plunger pump that screws on your oil bottle, works much like a soap dispenser.

You could always loosen all bolts and rear cover and drain that way also.

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